UX/UI Design

National Platform GOV.SA

My Role
UX/UI Designer
Mar-May 2021

About the project

I worked alongside the lead UI/UX Designer in Crafton to improve and polish existing website collateral. My Methodology was to collect Qualitative User Research, Problem Identification and Insight Gathering, Ideating ( Paper + Wireframe tools), UI Design, UI Updates (done post the initial 72hr sprint), revision and iterate

During this stage of the project, we analyze the current situation and develop the concept of a new website.

Part of the web consultancy is the presentation of site information architecture in the form of a simple information structure. This
allows us to define the scope of the project together, both from the business side and the user's needs.

What is worth paying attention to at the Web Consultancy stage?

Prioritizing user goals

Presented information architecture

Storytelling and its engaging message

Solutions and mechanisms contained in the "Recommendations" section


What is the foremost goal of GOV.SA? providing high quality and efficient government services. A single point with unified digital identity that provides you with an access to all the government services quickly and easily from anywhere at any time.

User Research

We only focused on some qualitative research to find a few problems given the time crunch. We focused only on one persona. we spoke to a couple of users and let them use the current GOV.SA website and noticed their actions while using it. I also observed their behavior on GOV.SA website.

Product vision and solution

Ensure the website for GOV.SA have the most user usability and engagement rules in the new design, by analysing the user behavior in order to increase the conversion rate.

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Defining the MVP

How well does GOV.SA help users achieve this goal?

Firstly,  raising  the  productivity  and  efficiency  of  the  public  sector.

Secondly, providing better and more easy-to-use services  for individual and business customers. Thirdly,  increasing return on investment (ROI).

Lastly, providing the required information in a timely and highly  accurate fashion

The Challenge

factual governmental information is readily available but is not easy to consume, engaging or accessible.

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Design Process

I am a big fan of simplifying things and I found the UX design process on Think with Google easiest to refer back to during this process. I wanted to focus on how to make politics look sexy and appealing (law of aesthetic usability)— kind of like Netflix or any application that we just can’t get enough of meets gov.sa.

1. Take action

In this section, I did some research on other government sites to find out how other countries organize information on their websites.

I spent some time on the Gov.sa website and the governmental websites for the US, France, Bahrain, South Africa, and Brazil. I attempted to find the ‘How Government Works’ equivalent on all websites and found it easiest to locate this information on the French Government website. This was because the ‘How Government Works’ link has a greater hierarchy compared to the Saudi government page as it is located on the main navigation bar on the homepage — compared to the KSA government page where it is at the bottom of the page in a very small greyed- font.

2. Get emotional

Next on this journey, I wanted to hear how people felt about the information they currently receive from gov.sa website. I carried out a survey, phone interviews and used this information to create a persona and mini affinity map.

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I started off with a basic outline of what the information architecture of the homepage .I then drew a wireframe sketch what the ‘homepage’ and ‘about government’ pages would look like on a desktop.

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High-Fidelity Prototype

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One last point

Unfortunately, I was not able to make an animated prototype due to time constraints, however, I was able to complete a degree of user testing with images of the new homepage and ‘how government works’ page.