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iara beauty booking App

My Role
UX/UI Designer
Dec 2020-Feb 2021

Project details

This project aims to connect beauty professionals and their potential customers by providing a trustworthy platform where potential customers can discover hairstylists around them and book their salon appointments online.


Latest beauty trends around you. The first beauty application where you can simultaneously locate professionals on a map, discover and inform yourself about new trends and earn money by sharing your beauty treatments. Access the hottest beauty services

The application is developed for iOS, Android and web, in addition to a dashboard to manage the back office. users see posts from people they've subscribed to. They can also look for a beauty treatment, a user or a beauty professional, beauty professionals offer their clients on iara application.

The problem

The beauty service industry is vast and growing increasingly. Despite this, people experience difficulty booking beauty appointments online because of the following reasons:

  • struggle to find a preferred hairstylist in their location,
  • having a vague idea of the hairstylists’ availability,
  • and the fear of fake customer reviews on platforms.

The Research

The target audience:

beauty centers - influencers - Young females (15-30)

Research and Analysis

I interviewed five women on their needs, behaviors, pain points regarding booking salon appointments.

  • 30-minute video semi-structured interview to gather in-depth qualitative data

The focus of this research was to explore opportunities in digital products for booking beauty professionals. I also wanted to discover the factors that may discourage potential users from using an online booking platform for their salon appointments.
Research Questions
  • What is essential for an app for booking beauty appointments? [User needs]
  • How do users book salon appointments? [User behaviors]
  • Do users need a mobile app for booking their salon appointments?
  • How do users feel about existing means of booking appointments online?

The screens presented in this project are the only ones that I was allowed to display in my gallery by iara beauty


Product vision and solution

Recommend the best professionals After having done a beauty treatment, post a photo of the result on your profile, identifying the professional. Each time one of your subscribers clicks on the profile of the identified professional and books a treatment, you earn up to € 15! Also receive € 10 for each new professional who registers with iara beauty.

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Define and the key Finding

The significant user behaviors found within this study are:

Less than 70% of the participants book their salon appointments online. Here is what some of the women I interviewed said:

“I find beauty professionals via my friends’ social media statuses, I ask for the hairstylist’s contact from them”
“I currently search for beauty professionals around me by using Instagram hashtags and a Google search.”
“I ask random people with nice hairdo who did their hair when I want to find a new hairstylist.”

80% of the women indicated that they would only book their salon appointments online if there were a credible review system where only legitimate user reviews were published. A participant of the study said,

“I never book my salon appointments online because I don’t trust online reviews. They may be fake (as I have been a victim of that). I only trust reviews from friends or a verified customer”.

Participants of the study want to book salon appointments without having to go far looking for beauty professionals.

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I Identified 3 key users for iara beauty and every user has different needs

User 1 - (Young females)

News feed: users see posts from people they have subscribed to. Look for a beauty treatment, a user, or abeauty professional.

Search bar you will find the most popular treatments: clicking on them takes the user to definitions.

User 2 - (beauty professionals)

Offer services on the apps for their clients.

services classification based on each category.

blog posts.

User 3 - (influencers):

Allow them to share fav treatment.

With the insights from the study, I went on to the feature ideation process which included the How Might We statement:

“How might we create a product that users can trust for booking their beauty appointments in their location”.

While ideating, I organized notes from the user interviews to discover various themes and opportunities

From analyzing the user needs, I came up with features to solve the problem. I prioritized these features using the Value/Complexity Quadrant and arrived at three key features for the product:

  • Location feature for users to view salon location and its distance from them.
  • Review system for verified customers to rate stylists and attach photos if necessary — from my research, 4 out of 5 users always ask for reviews from other people before booking a hairstylist.
  • I followed some real-world conventions and one of the key users for the app are Influencers so I implement a story feature in the app

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Defining the MVP

Here are some specifications to help us understand the MVP mock-ups.

Discover: This is the news feed. Here, users see posts from people they have subscribed to. They can also look for a beauty treatment, a user, or a beauty professional. Below the search bar you will find the most popular treatments: clicking on them takes the user to definitions.

Catalog - 1: Corresponds to the services that beauty professionals offer their clients on our application. Each category contains around 10 different treatments. Below, there are blog posts.

Catalog - definition: Focus on a treatment. There are several things there: technique, duration, contraindications, advice, and before-after photos. The "As seen on" indicates the profiles of influencers who have already performed this service.

Dashboard 1: Classic dashboard for beauty professionals. The turnover is indicated in bulk. The "Earnings"section is the money she has in her virtual wallet.

Professional profile: customers will find all the information on a pro before booking: the treatments she offers, a little bio,her conditions, reviews ...

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Final High-fidelity Prototype

I designed the high-fidelity prototype from the tested low-fidelity prototype for which I conducted a usability test

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Impact Overview

Overall, the features of this prototype significantly solve the user’s problem of finding their preferred salon near them with legitimate user reviews. By implementing feedback gotten from users, I arrived at my design solution which had a positive impact as the goals of my target user were successfully met.